I run training courses around the country and they can be held on a regional basis, for clusters of schools or an individual school. I can also run tailor made courses so please just contact me to discuss your requirements but two that I run regularly are:


“Help, I’m in charge of the school library!”

This full day course is aimed at anyone new to running a primary school library. The course objectives are:

  • To gain an overview about all aspects of managing the school library
  • To consider the role of the library in the school
  • To learn about the processes and practical aspects of running a library
  • To provide an opportunity to look at a range of resources

Comment after attending this course in June 2015:

“I haven’t been that inspired for many years.”

Jackie Randall

Colstons Primary School, Bristol

“Great library but where are the children?”

This half day course is for anyone who has set up a primary school library but wants to promote it to both staff and children. The course provides information and advice on:

  • Ways to engage children and teaching staff in using the library
  • Library information skills to help children make better use of the resources
  • Setting up and running a book club

Comment after attending this course in June 2015:

“One of the best courses I’ve ever been on.”

Justine Thorne

Windwhistle Primary School, Weston-Super-Mare